123 Count Tool

What is “123 Count Tool”?

“123 Count Tool” is used for specify any sign or part of image or objects by used 123 numbers. We can group same color’s sign by numbers.

How to work “123 Count Tool”?
At first open a picture in where present huge colors.
Select “123 Count Tool” from toolbox.

You can choose group.
You can change color, marker size and label size as your wise.

Now click on relative colors.
If you can specify other colors, click on the “Create a New Count Group” button.

Change color from above toolbar.
Now click on the others related color.

You can change Marker size and Label size from above toolbar.

You can rename group by click on rename option from above toolbar.

If you can clean numbers by click on “Clean” button from above toolbar.

So “123 Count Tool” is very simple tool and try it.