Set flower effect on a text

In this project, we will set flower effect on a text.


-At first, open the Photoshop.
-Click to file menu.
-Click to the New.
Change the width to 1000 pixels and the height to 500 pixels.

Click to OK.
Click to the Text tool.
Click to the “Set the text color” icon.

Choose color as #128C93.

Click to OK.
Write anything.

Click to the Edit menu and select to the Transform.
Click to Scale.

Arrange the size of the text by dragged to red marked points as picture below.


Click to the Layer menu and select to Layer Style.
Click to the Blending options.

Check to the Inner shadow, Outer glow, Inner glow and Stroke.

Then click to the Stroke.

Choose the color as #CCCCCC.

Click to OK.
Click to OK.

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