14. Slice and Slice selection tools

Slice tool and Slice selection tool are very important. We describe this tool in below.

How to use the Slice tool:
We use the Slice tool to save many part of image from one picture.

-Therefore, at first insert/open a picture
-Select the Slice tool.

-Select all part of image separately (we select three parts) by Mouse left button.

-Click to the File menu.
-Click to the “Save for web”.

-Click to Save.

-Write file name.
-Select “Gif” format from the “Save as type” box.
-Select file destination (we select Desktop) where you will save the file.
-Then click to the Save.

-Go to the file’s destination i.e. Desktop.
-You will look an Image named folder.
-Open the folder.

You will see three pictures separately in the folder.

How to use the Slice selection tool:
We use the Slice selection tool to edit selection which selection make by the Slice tool.
-At first, select the Slice selection tool.

-Then drag the selection as you wish.

-Besides, you can delete any selection.
-Press Mouse right button on any selected area to delete selection.

-Try to delete, edit and move.

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