4. Healing Brush, Patch and Color Replacement tools

These tools are very important to edit image/object.

How to use of the Healing Brush tool:
We use the Healing Brush tool to quickly copy specific image area and set another area of image.

-At first, insert a ducky’s picture or any picture.
-Click on the Healing brush tool icon.

-Set brush size as your wish.

-Press Alt + click Mouse left button on the ducky’s right Eye.

-Just one Mouse left click on the left eye of the ducky.
-We will see that the left eye of the ducky and right eye are same.

-If you want to set an eye on forehead of the ducky, click (left) on the forehead.

How to use of the Patch tool:
We use the Patch tool to remove any ads or icon or any unexpected area from picture.

-At first, insert a picture.
-Select the Patch tool from toolbox.

-Select the ads of the picture.

-Drag the selection as picture below.

-Therefore, we will not see the Ads here.

How to use of the Color replacement tool:
We use the Color Replacement tool to replace color.
-At first, insert a picture i.e. a ducky picture.
-Select the Color Replacement tool from toolbox.

-Click to the “Set Foreground Color” icon.
-Choose a color then click to OK.

-Only, drag yellow color’s area.

-You can set the brush size from the above toolbar.

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