Ruler tool / Measure tool

This tool uses if you want to measure one shape/object to another shape/object in a picture.  So it’s only use to calculate distance between two shape/objects. “Measure” tool is use in Photoshop old version and “Ruler” tool is use in Adobe Photoshop Upgrade Version. But functions are same.

How to use of the Ruler tool:
Using of the Ruler tool is very easy. Follow the example to understand this tool.
At first open the Photoshop old version or  upgrade version i.e. CS5 or CS6.
-Click to the “Edit” menu.
-Select “Preferences” then click to “Units & Rulers” option.
-Choose your measurement unit (i.e. Inches, centimeter, and millimeter) from “Rulers” drop-down option in Units area.
-Create a new file where you want to calculate distance between two shapes.

-Click to “View” menu then click to “Rulers”. This Rulers or Measure and Ruler are not same. We use Rulers for view a scale and we use Ruler  or Measure for calculate measure.

-Draw two shapes or object.

-Select the “Ruler” or “Measure” tool from tool bar.

"Ruler" tool in Adobe Photoshop Upgrade version

"Measure" tool in Adobe Photoshop Old version

-Drag one shape to another.
-See distance value in above toolbar beside “W” and “H” letter as inches or millimeter or which you select from Edit menu.

-“W” means width.
-If you drag Ruler tool left to right or right to left, the distance will showed beside “W”.
-“H” means height.

-If you drag Ruler tool up to down or down to up, the distance will showed beside “H”.

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