We will make a sticker and set it on a girl face.


Now we will create a Sticker:

At first, we need to create another new layer.
Press Shift + Ctrl + N for insert new layer.
Change the foreground color to #BFB6BA.

Click to the Rectangular marquee tool or press M.

Draw a rectangular as picture below.
Press Alt + Backspace key or press Alt + Delete key for fill the rectangular box.

Then press Ctrl + D for deselect.

Now, we will write something in the rectangular box:

Click to the horizontal type tool or press T.

Then click to rectangular box and write something.
Click to the Move tool or press V for finishing writing.

Click to the Layer menu and click to the Merge down or press Ctrl + E.

Click to the Filter menu.
Select to the Noise and click to the Add noise.

Change the amount to 4%.
Then click to OK.

Click to the Edit menu and click to the Free transform.

Click the red marked point then rotate the rectangular box.

Press Enter key.
Click to the move tool.
Move the rectangular box as picture below.

Click the Burn tool icon or press Shift + O (once or twice).
Change the brush size to 20, the Range to Midtones and the Exposure to 21.

Drag at once on the red marked area.

Click to the Layer menu.
Select the Layer style and click to the Drop shadow.

Change the Opacity to 75, the Angle to 164, the distance to 9, the size to 8 and as picture below.
Then click to OK.

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