Buisness Cards Making

Everybody needs to create Buisness Cards for showing her identity. Now we will create a simple Buisness Cards easily by Photoshop software.

-At first open new page.

-Change width to 3.2, height to 2 and resolution to 300.

-Click to Ok.
-Select the Horizontal Type tool from toolbox.
-Change color, font and size.

-Simple click on the Stage/page.
-Now, type your name.

-Click on the Move tool for finishing typing.
-Again, select the Type tool.
-Change the font and color.
-Simple click on the Stage/page.
-Type your all degrees and designation.

-Click on the Move tool for finishing typing.
-Create a new layer.
-To create new layer click the Layer menu, select New and click to Layer.

-Now, select the Rectangular Marquee tool.

-Drag on the stage in the middle position.

-Set a foreground color.
-Press Alt + Delete key for set color in the selected area.

-Maintain the Layer arrangement.

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