Remove Background

We will change background of a model picture and set her to another background.

-At first, open/insert a face picture.
-Click to the Zoom tool or Press Z button for zoom tool.

-Select the Magnetic tool.
-Click on the edge of the picture and drag in the whole picture’s edge without mouse press.

-Last moment of dragging, press Enter or Double click in first point (Red marking circle).

-Click the Edit menu and click the Copy or press Ctrl + C.

-Then minimize the picture.

Open another picture.

Click the Edit menu and click the Paste or press Ctrl + V.

Press Ctrl + T for resize the picture.
You will see many points in the picture like boxes.

Click any points and drag to resize the picture.

At last, press Enter key.
Then Select the Move tool for moving the picture to set suitable place.

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