Final Step

How to rotate image?

-At first select image or select part of image area.
-Then copy image and


-Create a new layer
-Paste image in the window


-Click Edit menu
-Select Transform
-Click Rotate

-Then rotate the image.


What is the Ruler?
Ruler is the measurement system in the Photoshop. We can use ruler to draw any object in perfect measurement.

Ruler using:
-At first, clicks to view menu.
-Click to the rulers for insert Ruler.

-Alternatively, Press Ctrl + R from key board to insert rulers.
-We will insert two horizontal and two vertical lines from ruler areas.
-To draw/insert lines, click to the ruler areas and drag to the window/page.
-After dragging from the ruler, we will see a line in the page/window.

-Accordingly bring two horizontal and two vertical lines.

-We can use these lines to create any object/project in perfect measurement.

-And we can remove these lines.
-To remove lines, click on the line and drag from the page to the ruler area.

-We can remove ruler from the page/window.
-To remove ruler, click to view menu then click to the Rulers.

-Alternatively, we can use keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + R to remove ruler.

We can learn more using of ruler to the “project-1”.
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