Grass Text Effect

Grass Text Effect

Now I create a Grass Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. It is very easy if you try and follow this tutorial. Anybody can learn this project by follow text or picture or Video. I make this project in Adobe Photoshop CS 6 but you can make it in any Photoshop version.

-At first open Adobe Photoshop software.
-Click to File menu.
-Click to “Open”.

-Select a grass picture (if you have not grass picture, download it from Google Picture).

-Click to OK.

-Select the “Horizontal Type Mask Tool” from Tool box.
-Change font and size as picture below.

-Click to the stage.
-Write something.
-Click to the “Commit any current edits” button as picture below for finishing writing.

-Select “Zoom” tool.
-Zoom-In this picture.

-Select “Polygonal Lasso Tool” from tool box.
-Select “Add to Selection” Option from above menu bar.

-Click to the edge of the type and draw as picture below.

-At last double click for finishing drawing.

-Accordingly you can draw in all types.

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