Mixture Brush tool

We use the Mixture brush tool to copy a specific image area from another image and can use it anywhere in any image. It’s work like as Clone Stamp tool.
How to use of the Mixture Brush tool:
Using of the Mixture Brush tool is very easy.
At first open the Photoshop upgrade version i.e. CS5 or CS6.
-Open a picture which you need edit.

-Select the Mixture Brush tool from tool bar.

-Click the “Brush preset picker” for select brush size from above tool bar.

-And select suitable brush size.
-Press Alt + click on a specific image area which area need to copy.

-Then just click (You also drag) to another area where you want to paste of the image or another image.

-You can use “useful mixture brush combinations” tool for effect pasting image.

-To undo all history you can use history palette.

-Try to draw design below.

-At last you need to save this image.

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